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"The McKay Interview"

On World Radio Switzerland -

The McKay Interview was founded on a simple idea in April 2013: that radio listeners in the Geneva region of Switzerland, and beyond, would tune in regularly to listen to intelligent yet relaxed, English-language conversation between me and people who I find interesting and who do interesting things.

All the “Interviews” conducted since then are listed and available below. You will see that a variety of prominent and thoughtful people have accepted my invitation and a wide range of topics have been covered.

I hope you enjoy listening:



A video conversation  between William L. Swing, Director-General of the International Organization for Migration,  and  Michael McKay.

At the  Citizenship By Investment - International Residence Summit Europe  -  Geneva
(14th June 2016)


Zurich Salon

Zurich Salon debate on why Westerners are attracted to, and joining, terrorist groups. 
The speakers are Adam Deen of the Quilliam Foundation, Dr. Prem Mahadevan of the Center for Security Studies at the ETH Zurich, and Frank Furedi, author and former professor of sociology at the University of Kent. 
Our debate was chaired by Michael McKay, presenter of "The McKay Interview" on World Radio Switzerland.
The debate took place on 8th March 2016 at Zentrum Karl der Grosse in Zurich.

Why are so many Westerners joining terrorist groups?
(8th March 2016)


Swiss Style / Dukascopy TV

My collaboration with Swiss Style magazine and Dukascopy Bank TV started in 2013. The aim of the programme series reflects the seriousness and determination of both of my associates, namely to examine topical, business issues through in-depth interviews with the leaders of companies at the top of their field.


Private Aviation - With Rob Wells and Greg Thomas on private aviation
(6th November 2013)

Brand's Heritage - With Carole Hubscher and Alain Zimmermann
(22nd August 2013)

Swiss Affluent Retail Market - With Elisabeth Metzger and Thierry Outin
(2nd July 2013)


Banking Sector - With Monica Gibson on 'banking and tobacco'
(31st August 2012)


PAX PRESS AGENCY - Sierra Leone’s struggle against Ebola: an interview with Her Excellency Ms. Yvette Stevens, Ambassador & Permanent Representative to the United Nations Geneva.
(Geneva 27th October 2014)