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Helping complex organisations overcome the barriers to effective internal communications. 

Senior executives often forget that effective communication is labour intensive. It requires continual attention. Effective communication throughout an organisation hardly ever stops.

Recently, the Harvard Business Review published research which argued, among other things, that “……leaders  should communicate more clearly – throughout the ranks – about what the company is trying to achieve.” See HBR Spotlight on Effective Organization, July-August 2010.

Public speaking to groups, whether large or small, may be daunting for some until the learned skills are mastered. However, making sure that your important messages are communicated throughout the organisation and understood in the way you meant them; and then gearing yourself for the vital feedback from peers, subordinates and superiors is absolutely vital:

  • vital to avoid the disruptive arrogance of one-way communication;
  • vital to receive precious  comments and advice from colleagues;
  • vital to foster a climate of satisfaction throughout the organisation that the views of individuals are important and listened to.

The same HBR research showed that those sampled felt that strategy still comes mainly from the top down; and that people involved in strategy development are the most likely to buy into it.

McKay’s helps senior executives through a tailor-made consultation method, to find the right process and then structure it in a way which is simple, easy to use all around the organisation and effective.

The results?

  • Better quality of information dissemination throughout the organisation;
  • Higher levels of satisfaction;
  • Improved decision-making;
  • More widespread buy-in;
  • Minimised risk of misunderstanding important business message.

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